Corporate Solutions

Wholesale Banks

Our Training Team combine their leading business and technical training skills to support the Wholesale Bank and their clients as their knowledge management partners.

We design and deliver Training Courses, Programmes and Academies that correspond with our client’s tactical business development plans. We deliver the training content in classroom and on-line format.

Our Wholesale Banking Training Team comes together to deliver Corporate Solutions.

Our Credits (Banking and Corporate Finance) Training Team

includes the structuring and distribution expertise needed to support corporate loans and structured finance, as well as the bond and securitisation together with Asset & Capital Structuring.

  • Structured Finance (Project & Acquisition Finance)
    • We support our clients who are often recognized as worldwide leading providers of Project Finance solutions. We complement our clients’ global specialized sector teams at their centralised hub location and their strong local presence where our trainers have significant travel experience and cultural awareness in each geography (Europe, USA, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia).
    • We provide training solutions to both the Bank and its corporate and institutional customers in the financing of project finance transactions (greenfield and brownfield), as well as acquisition finance / leveraged buyouts.
  • Syndicated loans
    • We have a team dedicated to providing training solutions in structuring and coordinating corporate loans.
    • Our range of corporate training solutions goes from straightforward working-capital arrangements to short- and medium-term acquisition finance (Bridge y Term Loans). Our syndication and sales team is specialised in loan distribution (corporate and structured financing) in the primary and secondary markets to institutional investors (banks, insurers, hedge funds, etc.).
  • Asset & Capital Structuring
    • We supply training solutions for Structuring and Fund Raising of Asset / Project transactions & Co-Investment in the equity between our client, the Bank and its clients.
  • Bonds and securitisation
    • We have Trainers specialised in bond structuring for SSAs, corporates and financials. We can deliver training on how to structure securitisation transactions, i.e. conversion of assets, contracts or projected revenue flows into liquidity through the issuance of fixed-income securities.

Our Rates (Fixed Income, Derivatives and FX) Team

combines all our Training Solutions for interest and exchange rate trading activities for clients and their customers. Our rates business training response is organised into three areas: Fixed Income Sales, Fixed Income Flow and Foreign Exchange.

  • The Fixed Income Sales team provides training solutions for the sale and distribution of derivatives. Additionally they are specialist training facilitators for:
  • The Fixed Income Flow Team provides training solutions for HY Bonds; IG Bonds; Unique Debt Capital Markets Hybrids; European traded bonds and CDS. We have significant strengths in delivering solutions to liquidity providers, and those with special focus on their primary business.
  • The Foreign Exchange Team delivers classes for Spot FX, Outright Forwards and Swaps in G10 Currencies as well as Emerging Markets.
    • Cash and Liquidity Management
    • Treasury Management
  • OTC derivatives (flow rate derivatives):
    • We offer derivatives training on standardised and non-standardised trades through investment/hedging products with plain vanilla derivatives.
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD):
    • We provide training that illustrates how direct access to the world's main markets in Exchange Traded Derivatives, enables clients to offer customers an end-to-end execution and settlement service in Exchange Traded Derivatives. 

Our Equity Team

supports all the Cash Equities & Research requirements of:

  • Institutional investors
  • Corporate customers
  • Private banking /Retail banking


Our Training Service supports trade execution capabilities all over the World.

Our Research and Analyst team have vast experience in supporting Fund Managers and their clients.

Additionally we deliver training solutions in:

  • OTC derivatives (flow equity derivatives):

We offer derivatives on shares and indices to meet every day needs through investment/hedging products with plain vanilla derivatives.

  • Traded Derivatives (ETD):

We have courses on the operation of the world's main markets in Exchange Traded Derivatives, enabling us to offer customers an end-to-end execution and settlement talk and walk through workshop basis to our training.


Our Investment Banking Team

supports all our clients’ Financing and Investment Selection Services:

Training Course Subjects on Research and Corporate Finance for

  • Corporates & Institutions
  • Capital Goods
  • Consumer
  • Financial Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Technology, Media and Telecoms
  • Utilities
  • Advising on broking, fund raising, IPOs, MBOs, M&A’s and investor relations.
  •  Strategic advice at all stages of a company's development
  • Planning and coordination of each stage of a transaction
  • Regulatory advice, including Stock Exchange listing rules for equity and debt investments
  • Institutional broking services to large cap companies where we have strong research capabilities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

• Comprehensive support through all stages of M&A, including take on privates and disposals.
• Companies looking for growth through acquisition, joint-venture or mergers often require specialist strategic, corporate and financial advice.
• Our experience reaches across all business sectors, advising domestic and international public and private companies, as well as government and semi-state entities.

We can offer
• Concept origination, planning and overall project management
• Preparation of target list, business valuation and bid documentation
• Deciding the most efficient transaction or funding structure

• Sourcing equity or debt funding where required
• Management of due diligence process
• Liaison with company’s audit, tax and legal advisors
• Concluding legal documentation and successful completion
• Representing management in deal and contract negotiation


Equity Issuance

Advice on sourcing equity and debt capital to fund organic growth or acquisition, including through IPO. When companies seek to grow, they will often need to raise additional capital to fund their ambitions.

We can offer:
• Developing a strategic business plan
• Most appropriate funding mix and capital structures
• Optimal timing, cost and pricing of a debt or equity raise
• Preparing company presentations, prospectus and offering circular
• Coordinating investor road show and presentations
• Coordinating legal, audit, tax and other advisors
• Initial Public Offerings
• Advice on all aspects of listing shares on a public market.
• Strategic Reviews
• Enabling better decisions from a thorough operational and corporate review.
A strategic review will provide an in depth analysis of a company. This will range from assessing the performance of individual business units, to analysis of financing capabilities and structure.
Private Equity

• Advising Private Equity clients and their portfolio companies, from idea generation to deal execution.
• Training services on the provision of senior-level M&A execution alongside the delivery of the full service provision across buyside / sellside M&A, IPOs, public equity selldowns, financing, fund finance solutions and cornerstoning services.
Debt Advisory and Restructuring

Our senior team can assist with training in:
• private and public debt issuance
• amend and extend & covenant reset
• refinancing, recapitalisation and restructuring
• staple and acquisition debt
• credit rating advice
• investment grade and sub investment grade credit
Emerging Companies

Working with smaller emerging companies to assist their growth strategies.
Growth companies frequently start small and need help to realise their ambitions. Emerging companies (those with market capitalisations of less than £100m) require specialised advice.
• Strategic reviews
• Equity fund raising
• Debt advice and accessing banking facilities
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• AIM rules, and regulatory compliance

Closed-end Funds

Training based upon the operational platform providing market-leading performance data, portfolio holdings and statistical analysis for every listed UK closed-end fund, as well as all listed UK exchange traded funds and US listed closed-end funds.


• Liquidity and market insight in stocks across Europe.
Customers need ideas and analysis to be communicated in a timely, efficient manner, and then to be able to respond swiftly and trade in the relevant securities.
• Debt capital markets
Instruments are denominated in all major currencies and are distributed globally through our Institutional Sales Group.
The Debt Capital Markets (DCM) Team is responsible for delivering specialist fixed income bond products training which include:

• Public Wholesale Bonds
Public Wholesale Bonds (PWBs) – these are larger, including benchmark sized and widely syndicated bond transactions, placed with global institutional investors. Such bonds achieve the most efficient execution, as price tension during the order book building period is maximised and they are publicly listed. PWBs are launched and priced often within a trading day to minimise market risk. Documentation requirements for PWBs best suit existing Issuers with an established and current Debt Issuance Programme.
• MTN/Private Placements
MTN/Private Placements – PPs are more bespoke offerings, tailored to the specific needs of one (or several) institutional investors and the Issuer. The execution time will typically take a few weeks, once terms are agreed. Documentation for PPs can be on a standalone basis and credit ratings not necessary. MTN’s are usually smaller, also often bespoke transactions issued off an MTN program; hence documentation time required is usually only a few days.
• UK Retail Bonds
A retail bond is defined by the denomination in which it is sold. Retail bonds have denominations below £100,000 and wholesale bonds above £100,000. The typical denomination on a retail bond is actually just £100 – this makes it much easier for retail investors to be able to participate in the new issue and secondary markets.
The distribution network differs between the retail and wholesale markets. Retail investors are sourced through a network of retail intermediaries such as brokers, wealth managers and execution-only service providers. Wholesale bonds are generally sold through a bank’s internal sales teams direct to institutional investors.

Key benefits of a retail bond:

o Diversification of funding: retail bonds are an alternative to bank debt, private placements and institutional bonds
o Committed capital: retail bonds are committed and non amortising capital
o Maturity: 5 -10 years
o Coupon: typically fixed rate

Variability in size of the bond: the smallest retail bond was just £20m.whilst the largest stood at £300m. Small transactions or deal sizes can be raised in the retail bond market – unlike the wholesale bond market where deals start at c. £200m or more. The high wholesale issuance size threshold restricts many smaller borrowers from accessing the wholesale market.

High Yield Bonds/Structural Bonds

High Yield Bonds - these are defined as corporate bonds rated below BBB− or Baa3 by established credit rating agencies and provide investors with typical high yield covenants in the documentation. High yield bonds typically offer higher interest rates than government bonds or high grade corporates, and they have the potential for capital appreciation in the event of a rating upgrade, an economic upturn or improved performance at the issuing company.

Emerging Market Bonds

Emerging Markets Bonds – Training across a product point of view, a significant number of strategic issuers across the entire credit spectrum (Government, Corporate, Financial Institutions) in emerging markets.