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Classroom - list of courses

Hedge Fund Trading Styles


The most popular strategy - Long-Short Equity

Mechanics of Short Selling
Stock Lending considerations
Risk Management – position limits, Stop losses.
Variation on a theme - 130/30 Strategies
Derivative trading alternatives – Contracts for Difference, Equity Index Swaps

Hedge Fund Investment Styles - Directional

Overview of Style variations – From Low to High Market Exposure
Distressed Debt
Global Macro – trading Interest Rates, FX & Commodities
Managed Futures – Technical Analysis at work

Hedge Fund Investment Styles – Non-Directional

Market Neutral and Relative Value Arbitrage – Equity and Fixed Income
Event-driven and Risk Arbitrage
Convertible Arbitrage
Hedge Fund Style Index Performance and Volatility data

Funds of Hedge Funds

Rationale for the Fund of Funds route – Diversification and Risk Management
Strategy and Manager orientation - The Due Diligence process
Risk Management and the monitoring process
Fund of Funds in practice